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Our foundation only makes grants to nonprofit organizations that are recognized as charitable entities by the Internal Revenue Service.  We only provide funds to organizations that serve Fayette County and the surrounding area.  At this time we are not giving Scholarship awards.

We accept grant requests until September 30 each year with the grant awards being distributed before the end of the year. The foundation distributes 5% of its worth as of the first of the year.  Elaborate presentations are discouraged.  The nature of the services is more important than the appearance of the request. We understand that the organizations to which we provide grants have little or no staff available for the preparation of our grants application; accordingly we expect rather simple/short application paperwork. There is certain basic information about a requesting organization, however, that we must have. We do not entertain oral presentations.  Submitted material with the application request becomes the property of the Fayette Community Foundation and will not be returned.  Successful grant awardees will be notified promptly and a promotional event will be arranged.  Participation in such event is a condition of being granted the funds.

Grant Applications are due September 30!

The foundation will consider any program that enriches the lives of its citizens, however most of the awarded grants will be categorized as Community Service, Health or Educational.   Grants awarded by Fayette Community Foundation generally focus on Social Services and Education Services in Fayette County.
COMMUNITY SERVICES – Programs that serve the poor and disenfranchised 
    *  Strengthens families
    *  Develops children
    *  Addresses the senior population
    *  Trains people in job skills

HEALTH – Agencies that 
    *  Provide health services
    *  Programs that address the prevention and treatment of  illnesses or diseases

EDUCATION – Programs that assist all citizens, especially the financially disadvantaged,  with    
    *  Equality of access    
    *  Early intervention
    *  Academic assistance and enrichment

Grant recipients will be required to file a final Grant Status Report on a form supplied by the Foundation.  This final report must be filed within 14 months after the funding of the grant or within 60 days after the project is completed, whichever is the sooner.  The Foundation will not accept applications from a grant recipient which has failed to file timely status reports for a previous grant. 

The following documents are in a Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader which allows you to view, download, navigate, and print PDF files.
To download a Grant Application form, click here. 

To download a Grant Status Report form, click here.